The Connected 2018 Ford Expedition

These days, everything is connected to the Internet, so why not get an SUV that does the same thing? The 2018 Ford Expedition is a popular full-size SUV that's equipped with high-tech features throughout.

The Expedition is capable of creating a Wi-Fi hotspot. It uses 4G LTE technology powered by AT&T. With the available subscription and modem, you can connect up to 10 devices at once. Your entire family will be able to enjoy streaming media, games, and so much more. 

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New Ford Mustang and Impressive Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering

Why is the new Ford Mustang considered a popular performance car again this year? It might have something to do with the growling exhaust system.

It is one thing to hear that loud growl coming from your exhaust system, it is another knowing you are in complete control of when and how loud the exhaust is the Ford Mustang will be. The performance exhaust is fully active in this vehicle, adding yet another component that drivers appreciate. 

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Ford Fusion Technology Features You Can Enjoy on the Road

The Ford Fusion tops the list of popular midsize sedans, offering drivers a singular experience. In addition to its excellent road performance, it has a variety of technological features focused on improving the driver's time behind the wheel.

Sync your electronic devices with the Fusion's proprietary system and have your navigation apps, music or other entertainment options at your fingertips. The hybrid Fusion benefits from onboard systems like EV Now and the Regenerative Braking System to help the driver reach optimal fuel efficiency. 

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This Could Be The Truck You’ve Been Looking For

There are many aspects of a pickup truck that make it the ideal work vehicle. Power performance, and being built rugged is what’s needed when the work is tough and dirty. The 2018 Ford F-150 ranks high among available pickup trucks due to being designed to handle the toughest jobs.

The 2018 F-150 has a number of features that make it a truck worth your consideration. This years model has a fully boxed frame that is made from a lighter but stronger high-strength steel and also has more cross sections. 

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What is a Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Here at Sheehy Ford of Marlow Heights, we get a lot of questions about the Ford Certified Pre-Owned program. What sets apart this program from other used cars?

When you purchase one of the many Ford Certified Pre-Owned you get peace of mind. If something happens in the first 12 months or 12,000 miles, the limited warranty can help get you back on the road. It covers over 1,000 components if something were to happen. The powertrain warranty carries on after that up to the 7th year or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

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2018 Ford Focus Electric: The Convenience of an EV Car

The newly-designed 2018 Ford Focus Electric is ready to take on any of your transportation needs. Driven by a 107kW electric motor, a 33.5 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery, and an automatic transmission, you'll be able to get an EPA-estimated 118/96 MPGe city/highway.

Charging the Focus Electric is easy with the State-of-Charge indicator and charge port. The vehicle can be charged off of 120V, 240V, and direct current connections. 

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Discover Why the Ford Escape is a Top Compact SUV

The latest model of the Ford Escape is a compact SUV that is to be reckoned with. New features enhance driving, improve safety and give you the ability to tow small loads. Here is a small sample of these features.

You can upgrade to the intelligent four-wheel drive system in the 2018 Ford Escape. This system monitors your traction and the road conditions multiple times every second. It then automatically transfers torque to the front or rear wheels as needed to ensure maximum traction and smooth handling during your drive. 

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Ford Edge Offers Convenient Capability Features

Every year, SUVs seem to become more popular, and the new 2018 Ford Edge is right up there with the best of them. This popular SUV is the complete package, whether you’re commuting to work, cruising across the country or headed for a weekend of camping. Stop at our Ford dealership and take a look at the new Edge. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

The Ford Edge is loaded with capability features, such as the Tire-Pressure Monitoring System, which lets you know with a warning light if any of your tires have insufficient air…

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A Look at the 2018 Ford Expedition Performance Features

Are you thinking about purchasing the Ford Expedition? If you are, you will be pleased to know the new model comes with numerous features that make it one of the top SUVs on the market. Read below to learn about a few notable performance features that come with the new Expedition.

The Expedition includes a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission that comes with a tow/haul mode. The tow/haul mode significantly increases stability, traction, and performance when you are towing or hauling heavy weight. 

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Discover The Productivity Features of the 2018 Ford Super Duty Pickup Truck

The Ford brand has come a long way, manufacturing some of the most highly respected heavy-duty pickup trucks that America appreciate and love. You will now have a chance to take the Ford Super Duty out for a test drive around the city of Marlow Heights, MD when you stop by our Ford dealership!

This 2018 Ford Super Duty pickup truck has many technological advancements that will help drivers become more productive when they are at work. The Sync 3 system has a voice-responsive technology for hands-free navigation and plays music from your favorite Apple CarPlay or Android Auto apps…

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