Do You Want to Drive the Ford Escape?

The Ford Escape is a powerful SUV that is known for its versatile seating and plenty of interior space. It is also known for its capability to tow a big load. If you're going fishing and you need to move your boat, its towing capacity is 3,500 pounds.

When you buy a Ford Escape, you can choose the type of engine you want. With EcoBoost options, you can get fuel economy that helps to save you money at the gas pump. The EcoBoost capability uses energy that would otherwise go out the exhaust, and it turns it into more torque for the axles.

Stop in to see our associates at Sheehy Ford of Marlow Heights and check out the Ford Escape for yourself. If you like what you see, our associates in Marlow Heights, MD will take you on a test drive.

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