New Ford Mustang and Impressive Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering

Why is the new Ford Mustang considered a popular performance car again this year? It might have something to do with the growling exhaust system.

It is one thing to hear that loud growl coming from your exhaust system, it is another knowing you are in complete control of when and how loud the exhaust is the Ford Mustang will be. The performance exhaust is fully active in this vehicle, adding yet another component that drivers appreciate.

With the flip of a switch on the console of the Ford Mustang, you can change the sound setting of the exhaust from a screaming howl to a low muffle. Depending on your mood, you may want to sneak in and out of the neighborhood or wake the neighbors when your vehicle screams down the road.

Want to hear this new Ford Mustang growl and howl? Come test drive one today at Sheehy Ford of Marlow Heights.



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