Cruise the Open Highway in the Ford Explorer

In the new Ford Explorer, you can drive on the open highway confidently. This admired three-row SUV is available with great safety technology. We here at Sheehy Ford of Marlow Heights are eager to show you what this SUV can do.

One great feature is the Lane-Keeping System. It works with cameras and radar sensors built into the body of the SUV. The equipment is fine-tuned to monitor your surroundings, including the road markings. You'll receive an audible and visual alert any time you drift into the next lane without your turn signal on.

Also available is Adaptive Cruise Control. It uses the same technology as the previous system. However, it can provide you with some comfort and convenience on long trips. In addition to setting your desired speed, you can establish the distance you want to stay from the driver in front of you. The Explorer will modify its speed accordingly to keep up with traffic.



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